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This write-up is a comprehensive insight into Amazon GameOn, an Amazon service for online multiplayer games. What is it? Can I integrate it with my existing production running game?
Or do I have to write things from scratch? What out of the box features does it offer?

Let’s find out everything about it.


1. What is Amazon GameOn?

Amazon GameOn is an API service, offered by Amazon Web Services, which lets us add online multiplayer competitions, leaderboards, leagues and stuff into our games.

Integration of these features eventually spikes up the player retention rate, fun factor, social interaction, engagement & monetization of the business.

With the GameOn API developers can choose to host competitions, online events at handpicked specific geographic locations, where AWS exists.

Integration of GameOn services helps strengthen the fan base of your game by enabling the game devs offer the in-game & the real physical rewards to their players. Well, who doesn’t like a reward ?

Online multiplayer competitions is a thing in the present gaming ecosystem. It has stomped its way through, making the story-based games take the back seat, atleast for now. Even call of duty kinda ditched the story mode in it’s latest release.

The explosion of PubG & Fortnite has made things pretty clear what the gamers want. And it is always a good idea to offer an impeccable engaging experience to the players in your game. Hence, the Amazon GameOn.

Besides this, with GameOn devs can enable players & the streamers create their own competitions in the game. Which is kinda cool. Any streamer would want to enter into a competition with their subscriber base. Totally, worth it.

Players can create their own competitions, invite their friends over, their friends invite their friends. It’s an immersive experience as opposed to playing solo in story mode. Though P.S I am not bashing the story mode. I am a big fan of the story mode. Especially, in the military & the parkour genre.

Developers can ship real-world prizes & coupons to their game fans via Amazon shipping that works inherently with the GameOn API. So, you see it’s a complete, comprehensive gaming solution offered by Amazon.

Game studios now are off the hook of managing the shipping & everything. Rather they focus more on bringing new cool features to their product, bringing a smile on their fans faces while they receive their rewards at their doorsteps.

Let’s talk a bit more on the features offered by the Amazon GameOn service.


2. What are the Features Offered by Amazon GameOn?

2.1 Add Fairness & Fun to Your Competitions

Consider this, what if an entry-level player is put up against a pro in the arena? Would it be any fun?

It would be a not so good, & I don’t think I am coming back to this game, experience, both for the entry level & the pro players.

Pro would want someone at par to compete with. At the same time, an entry-level user would love to win over some easy challenges to gain some initial confidence.

GameOn enables the devs to define filters to match users having skills levels at par. Developers can manage players with respect to their geographic location, device type, skill level & many more factors.

The API is intelligent enough to detect frauds, abuse & suspicious player activity in the game.


2.2 Players Get Pat on The Back with In-Game & Real-World Prizes

I’ve talked about this earlier, the GameOn API is built primarily keeping in mind, the online massive multiplayer competitions & the elements involved with it like the rankings, points, Leaderboards & stuff.

As per the specified logic, players receive in-game rewards like currencies & stuff.

Developers can also send real-world physical gifts to players which stand out. Prizes surely increase the engagement rate of the game.


2.3 Users Create Their Own Competitions

End users, in a game powered by the Amazon GameOn API, can create their own competitions. Invite their friends over. Manage their own Leaderboards & stuff. Doesn’t it sound cool?


2.4 Smoothly Create & Manage Competitions with The GameOn API Console

GameOn service offers a really simple & intuitive interface to create & manage competitions. It can be managed by anyone be it the marketing team or the community manager. You don’t necessarily have to be a developer to interact with the console.

Console helps us create recurring competitions, leaderboards, layout rules for the events & much more.

A player can jump into the arena as an individual, going all John Rambo or can enter as a team like the Navy Seal. With the GameOn console, we always have the control over the number of players entering into the competition, the arena size & everything.

Let’s get a bit technical insight into the GameOn API.

3. Amazon GameOn API Developer Insight

The GameOn API is a comprehensive suite of micro-services built on the Amazon Web Services platform, primarily designed for introducing online multiplayer competitions in the games which lack it.

It also does all the heavy lifting like managing the user scores, leaderboards & everything. Averting the need for writing all the gamification business logic, logic for managing competitions & stuff from scratch.

Development teams can focus on the core story of the game. Letting GameOn handle all the heavy lifting in context to organizing the online competitions.

GameOn API is a REST API. Existing or new games can use the API to interact with the GameOn service.

Game developers still have the complete control over their game. There is no hard lock-in. There is no need for installing any sort of SDK to run the service, this irons out any platform compatibility issues. Just use the API & you are good to go.

Ideally, the GameOn API should be integrated with the backend server code of the game as opposed to the client for the best results.

3.1 What are the Components of the GameOn API

The GameOn API consists of three major components.

1. Game API: Game API is the REST-based API which the devs use to integrate competitions into their games.

2. GameOn Console: Game console helps the business create, schedule, manage the competitions.

3. Admin API: With the Admin API devs can write flows which could be done with Game console manually. Also, carry out other functionalities.


3.2 GameOn Tournament Organizer | The Twitch Extension

The GameOn API has a tournament organizer twitch extension, & if you care for my opinion, is the coolest feature of the API.

It lets the game streamers on twitch to organize tournaments, set up competition for their viewers. Enabling the viewers, subscribers, fans to play with them in real time.

Isn’t this pretty natural that this will improve the user acquisition, engagement & retention by notches.

Broadcasters play a major role in promoting the game via this feature. I think this also saves big bucks in the marketing of the game via the traditional media sources. This core feature alone would drive massive sales for the game.


How does this all work?

The broadcaster installs the GameOn tournament organizer extension on his respective Twitch channel page & creates a tournament from the dashboard in the extension panel.

When the tournament is streaming live on Twitch. The viewer requests & receive a code from the extension on twitch. He puts in the code, in the game. On inputting the game the user joins the broadcaster in the arena. Also, links his twitch account with the game via the GameOn API.

Now everyone the viewers, the broadcaster all are in the same arena.


4. What Games Can Be Integrated with GameOn?

Any game or app running online can integrate with GameOn. We can use the GameOn features even if we have an existing player vs player & massive multiplayer competition feature running in our game.

We can customize the GameOn features & can further improve the multiplayer experience of our games.


5. GameOn Pricing

GameOn does have an initial free tier which helps the devs to test out the waters, see how things work before going full throttle. For more information, see GameOn Pricing.

To use the service the development team has to create an Amazon GameOn & an AWS account & the charges accrue to that account after when the service is used. The billing is kind of depends on the number of plays in the competition. The charges for the GameOn usage are included in the monthly AWS bills.


6. Games Using the GameOn API

Game Insight is an innovator when it comes to mobile & social games. With over 300 million players it is one of the biggest gaming companies in the world. More popularly known as the developer of Guns of Boom.

The requirement was to boost the user retention on their, tower defence genre, game Survival Arena. Also, they wished to award their players with some real-world prizes but dealing with logistics was a major hurdle for them.

To fulfil all these they considered the GameOn API. They were seamlessly able to integrate their game written in C++ with the API.

With GameOn organized, managed E-tournaments & Amazon’s logistics Game Insight was able to happily award their players with real tangible rewards like Gaming Consoles & Gift cards. Making their players happy returning to the amazing gaming experience over and over.


Some of the other game studios using GameOn service are Game Cloud Studios

Nazara Games

Mind Storm Studios & many more.


7. Conclusion

I believe the GameOn service is a pretty unique out of the box solution for online games. Player matchmaking, leaderboards ranking and everything is kind of a big deal in the present gaming trends.

There is no fun without friends. Features encouraging social interaction aren’t good to have any more, they are a must-have. If you don’t have social features in your game, you might want to consider adding them.

Use the service if you intend to save time & want to focus more on writing the core story of the game, working on giving the user an immersive experience as opposed to dealing with all the nits & grits of writing the online competition flow from scratch.

Besides the good thing is it is easily integrable with the existing codebases & there is almost no lock-in. Don’t like it, stop using it anytime. It hardly messes with our core game features. Though I would love to know what you think about it?


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