1Google Databases: How Do Google Services Store Petabyte-Exabyte Scale Data?Article Link
2YouTube Database – How Does It Store So Many Videos Without Running Out Of Storage Space?Article Link
3Web Application Architecture & Software Architecture 101 CourseArticle Link
4An Insight Into How Uber Scaled From A Monolith To A Microservice ArchitectureArticle Link
5Facebook Real-time Chat Architecture Scaling With Over Multi-Billion Messages DailyArticle Link
6Twitter’s Migration To Google Cloud – An Architectural InsightArticle Link
7What Database Does Twitter Use? – A Deep DiveArticle Link
8Instagram Architecture – How Does It Store & Search Billions of ImagesArticle Link
9An Insight Into Bazaarvoice Scalable Architecture with Over 300 Million VisitorsArticle Link
10How Does PayPal Process Billions of Messages Per Day with Reactive Streams?Article Link
11How Hotstar Scaled With Over 11 Million Concurrent Users – An Architectural InsightArticle Link
12How Evernote Migrated & Scaled Their Cloud Infrastructure With Google Cloud PlatformArticle Link
13LinkedIn Real-Time Architecture: How Does LinkedIn Identify Its Users Online?Article Link
14Facebook Database [Updated] – A Thorough Insight Into The Databases Used @FacebookArticle Link
15An Insight Into Uber’s Financial Cloud PlatformArticle Link
16An Insight Into the Backend Infrastructure Of A Modern Digital Bank – Monzo ArchitectureArticle Link
17Master System Design For Your Interviews Or Web StartupArticle Link
18Open Banking Architecture – Build Fintech Apps Consuming the Open APIsArticle Link
19YouTube Architecture – How Does It Serve High-Quality Videos With Low LatencyArticle Link

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